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Super Bowl 2012 Odds: San Francisco 49ers Dead Even With New York Giants

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The San Francisco 49ers might be the favored team this weekend against the New York Giants in the 2012 NFC Championship game, but their odds of winning the Super Bowl are just the same according to the Vegas sportsbooks. If you think about this probabilistically, apparently the 49ers have less of a chance to win the NFC Championship. The 49ers are definitely in great shape to win another Super Bowl, as it's likely they'll be involved in some very close games from here on out.

The New England Patriots have 6:5 odds to win the championship and are the odds-on favorite, as they still have Tom Brady and perhaps the most proficient passing game in all of football. The Baltimore Ravens are the current longshots, standing at 6:1 odds, as no one seems to think they can go into New England and win. Has to be an enviable situation for them.

After the jump, the full odds.

Odds to Win the Super Bowl
New England Patriots 6/5

San Francisco 49ers 3/1

New York Giants 3/1

Baltimore Ravens 6/1

Exact Super Bowl Matchups

San Francisco 49ers vs. New England Patriots 6/5

New York Giants vs. New England Patriots 9/5

San Francisco 49ers vs. Baltimore Ravens 9/2

New York Giants vs. Baltimore Ravens 13/2

Which Conference will win the Super Bowl?

AFC -135

NFC +105

Super Bowl XLVI Early Line (Note: To start the playoffs, the NFC was a 4.5 favorite. So the line h
AFC -2.5
NFC +2.5

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