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HarBowl II? Jim And John Harbaugh Each A Win Away From Super Bowl XLVI Rematch

The first Harbaugh Bowl was one to remember. It was hard-hitting, full of great defense by both teams, and ended with a decisive Baltimore victory. Both Jim and John definitely had one exciting contest to deal with.

We could be on our way to a rematch. The Baltimore Ravens beat the Houston Texans to get to the AFC Championship Game. The San Francisco 49ers are already in the NFC Championship Game. Are we on our way to a rematch in Indianapolis?

The Ravens and 49ers are both relying on their defenses to win their playoff games, as the Niners shut down the Saints for most of the game and gave Alex Smith a chance to win things in dramatic fashion down the stretch. Baltimore's defense meanwhile pretty much locked T.J. Yates out of the end zone. You figure there'll be more of the same in the second half.

We're two wins away from that rematch becoming reality.

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