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49ers Vs. Saints: Vernon Davis Brings 'The Snatch' To San Francisco [VIDEO]

Every San Francisco 49ers fan worth their salt knows all about "The Catch," that indispensable toss from Joe Montana to Dwight Clark in 1982 that sent the Niners to their first Super Bowl and of course, their first Super Bowl win. Most fans will also know about the pass from Steve Young to Terrell Owens in the 1998 Wild Card game against the Green Bay Packers that was dubbed "The Catch II."

On Saturday, a new page was added to the storied legacy of the San Francisco football franchise as they defeated the New Orleans Saints to advance to the NFC Championship Game. The victory was sealed on a touchdown pass from Alex Smith to tight end Vernon Davis. Unfortunately, this particular play may not end up going by such a dignified name.

First of all, here is the game-winning pass from Smith to Davis:

After the game, Alex Pavlovic of The San Jose Mercury provided some insight as to the legacy and nomenclature of the play, straight from the horse's mouth:

Vernon Davis said his catch should be called "The Grab or The Snatch." I don't think the 49ers are going to be making "The Snatch" t-shirts.
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Hey now, who says that "The Snatch" wouldn't be a great marketing opportunity for the 49ers? I, for one, heartily endorse "The Snatch." Who doesn't love that video of "The Snatch?" I jumped out of my seat and cheered the instant I first saw "The Snatch!"

49ers fans everyone have waited a long, long time for "The Snatch" to send them to the promised land. Finally, that day is here. Vernon Davis and his amazing feat will be long remembered by every true sports fan in the city. Here's hoping that we see the continued spread of "The Snatch" and the legacy of VD.

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