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VIDEO: Frank Gore Pass To Alex Smith Proves 49ers RB Should Keep His Day Job

The San Francisco 49ers are hosting the New Orleans Saints in the second round of the 2012 NFL playoffs. Through three quarters, the game has been mostly close and mostly heated. The Niners defense has been excellent, true to form, but their offense -- sadly, also true to form -- leaves a lot to be desired. They have made the least of a whopping five Saints turnovers and have been punchless while in possession of the ball since the first quarter. Midway through the third quarter, the Niners attempted a razzle-dazzle play that ended up being about 95% razzle and decidedly minimal on the dazzle.

On 2nd and 7, the 49ers for some reason tried a pitch to running back Frank Gore, followed by a Gore pass to quarterback Alex Smith. The play, had it been completed, probably would have resulted in a fair loss of yardage. Luckily, the pass was bad, the catch was was just bad.

Here's hoping the 49ers attempt less plays like this in the fourth quarter and more plays that actually work.

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