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ANIMATED: Justin Smith Is A Monster, Has No Remorse

The game between the New Orleans Saints and the hometown San Francisco 49ers has been heated and exciting through the first three quarters. True to form, the Saints have been relying on fast-paced offense through the air, behind their talented quarterback Drew Brees, while the Niners have been showcasing their smashmouth defense that is arguably the toughest in all of the NFL. Tensions have been running high between the two teams and it has been an extremely physical game. The Niners have been amped all game due to their big hits, with double-Pro Bowler Justin Smith being among the most demonstrative.



That is a celebration after one of the big 49ers stops in the third quarter, which in a nutshell is a perfect demonstration of why this beast is so feared. Justin Smith is a scary monster and he is very, very real.

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