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NFL Mock Draft 2012: San Francisco 49ers Select Mohamed Sanu

The San Francisco 49ers are busy with the whole playoff thing right now, but they are one loss away from organizing their draft board. And their clearest need is at wide receiver. Outside of Michael Crabtree, the 49ers really have no reliable wide receivers. Josh Morgan is recovering from injury, Ted Ginn has great speed but average hands, Kyle Williams still is hit-or-miss, and the Braylon Edwards experiment flamed out.

Pick256 of Mocking The Draft has released their latest mock draft, and the 49ers would be taking a wide receiver in Mohamed Sanu of the Rutgers Scarlet Knights to fulfill their needs. Here's his explanation of that pick.

San Francisco has been searching for a top WR for a long time. Michael Crabtree didn't work out as expected and the veterans they have brought in haven't fared much better. Sanu isn't the downfield threat some 49er fans covet, but he's got a great skill set and a knack for finding holes in the opponent's defense. He'd be a perfect fit in Jim Harbaugh's West Coast Offense and will give Alex Smith a quality receiver other than TE Vernon Davis.

Sanu definitely fits the profile of a big-time receiver who can fit the system Jim Harbaugh likes to run, and while he might not be as talented as other wideouts on the board.

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