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49ers Vs. Rams Score Update: Trick Play Gives Michael Crabtree Another Touchdown, SF Leads 27-10

The Rams took the kickoff in the third quarter, and had a big return, but it was called back for holding. Steven Jackson then took the first down run and picked up big yardage, taking it past the 30-yard line. Patrick Willis was blown up on the play by a blocker - it happens to the best of 'em. But the 49ers tightened up and forced the Rams to punt, halting the early bleeding.

Kendall Hunter gets a nice run to start, but is stuffed on the next play, bringing up a third down. Wide receiver Michael Crabtree makes a great catch and gets a generous spot, which gives the 49ers a first down. It's Hunter again, who is insanely fast, and picks up a first down. Anthony Dixon checks in and gets a couple yards, and then it's an incomplete pass on second down. On third down, Smith is sacked and Andy Lee is forced to punt again.

St. Louis begins with a big play, as they have done on almost all of their drives, hitting Lance Kendricks for a first down. Then they seemed to stall out until third down, when Brandon Lloyd catches another big one, taking the Rams closer to field goal range. They face a first and twenty after a holding penalty, and then Lloyd catches a pass for a couple to bring up second and long. Play action on second down goes to Kendricks, but it falls incomplete. Then Patrick Willis forces an incompleteion and the Rams go for a field goal. It's from 49 yards out and it's good after hitting the upright.

The 49ers take over and start a nice drive, with good plays by Dixon and Vernon Davis. Davis catches a 34-yard reception, going over 100 yards on the day. The offense sort of stalls out though, and David Akers goes for the field goal. Actually, he doesn't, it's a fake and he hits Michael Crabtree for a touchdown, putting the 49ers up 27-10. The referees review it, but everything is good.

Aaaand, we enter the fourth quarter, with the 49ers up by 17.