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49ers Vs. Rams Score Update: Michael Crabtree Scores, SF Leads 20-7 At Halftime

The St. Louis Rams begin the second quarter rather awesomely, with running back Jerius Norwood taking a direct snap and throwing a pass out to quarterback Kellen Clemens. It's picked off by cornerback Tarell Brown and the 49ers take off in St. Louis territory. Alex Smith goes on to hit Michael Crabtree on two short passes, the second of which is a bubble screen that Crabtree takes 28 yards for a touchdown, after breaking a tackle. So David Akers kicked off and the Rams took over just before the 20-yard line.

St. Louis faced an early 3rd and 6, and Ahmad Brooks breaks through to pick up a big sack on Kellen Clemens, and they were forced to punt from within their own endzone, again. This time, the punt was a good one, and there was a holding penalty on the Rams. The 49ers elect to have them re-kick, and almost block it the second time, but it all backfires and the 49ers take over back in their own territory.

But the 49ers get the offense moving, with some short runs and then a deep 44-yard pass to tight end Vernon Davis, who hauls it in at the sideline. That's something Smith hasn't been able to do much this season. The 49ers have the ball at the 12-yard line, but Alex Smith is sacked for an eight-yard loss and after an incompletion, the 49ers have a third and seventeen. A short pass to Crabtree goes for nothing and Akers come out for a 36-yard field goal. It's good, and the 49ers lead 17-7.

The Rams punt after almost losing a fumble, and the 49ers respond by punting back. So that happened. The Rams took over again, and Clemens throws a great pass to Danario Alexander, but Dashon Goldson makes an awesome play in coverage and forces an incompletion. On second down, a run is stuffed and the third down play goes nowhere. So Donnie Jones has to punt yet again. The 49ers start at the 42-yard line, near midfield.

The 49ers get a big run from Hunter, and then pick up a few more yards, leading to a 42-yard field goal from Akers, to put the 49ers up 20-7. St. Louis takes over with a minute left and two timeouts. Brandon Lloyd catches a nine-yard pass and the Rams go in hurry-up. Kendricks falls down and a pass his way falls incomplete. Another incompletion and the Rams will punt. 49ers kneel to kill the clock and we reach halftime.

Below, some sexy Crabtree touchdown goodness.