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49ers Vs. Rams Score Update: Kellen Clemens, Alex Smith Rush For Touchdowns, Game Tied 7-7 After First

The San Francisco 49ers actually lost the coin toss for once, and were forced to receive the opening kickoff, something they're not used to doing. Either way, reserve kick returner, Kendall Hunter, made it out past the 20-yard line before slipping and falling. That's what we call "crisis averted." After that, the 49ers hit a couple first downs via tight end Vernon Davis and running back Frank Gore. Then it's some more Davis, which of course means Ted Ginn Jr. and Braylon Edwards were taking his catches earlier in the season. Totally.

Safety Colin Jones sees the field on offense, and he goes in motion for a fake fly sweep and looks insanely fast doing so. Kendall Hunter picks up a couple yards on that play, but Alex Smith is forced to throw it away on third down, so kicker David Akers comes out and misses a 48-yard field goal.

Naturally, the St. Louis Rams take over and start driving big time. Steven Jackson was stuffed on first down, but then Brandon Lloyd caught a big reception and that's when Jackson got started up again. St. Louis got themselves into the red zone with tough running from Jackson, and Kellen Clemens had Lance Kendricks in the end zone but completely missed him. Of course, that didn't matter, because Clemens scrambles in for an 18-yard touchdown, the second one the 49ers have given up this season, and they took a 7-0 lead.

If you blinked, you missed the 49ers next offensive possession. But hopefully you didn't miss the 66-yard punt by Andy Lee, which really turned things around in the field position battle. The Rams started way back, and after a sack by Justin Smith, the Rams had to punt, and it was puny in comparison. Lee laughs at the unappealing and tiny punt from their punter.

Either way, it was just what the 49ers needed. They've been playing the field position battle game all year. So Alex Smith comes out, and hits Hunter on a nice screen that picks up a first down. Michael Crabtree catches a shot pass, is hit hard, put pops around anyway and picks up the first down. From the eight-yard line, it's Alex Smith who runs around and dives for an eight-yard scoring touchdown of his own.

St. Louis takes over and Clemens hits Lance Kendricks for a nice gain, and the quarter comes to an end with the game tied at 7-7. Here's some delicious touchdown run goodness below: