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Peyton Manning Out For Week One: Guess Who Last Started A Non-Manning Game For the Colts?

It seemingly has been forever since the Indianapolis Colts were without Peyton Manning, even for just a little while. But with Peyton officially put on the shelf for the start of the regular season, it got us over here at SBNBA thinking about the last time the Colts were sans Manning, and you had to go pretty far back to find it. So who was this mystery QB before the arrival of the chosen one? 

It was 49ers head coach Jim Harbaugh of course. Make the jump to learn more. 

That's right, Coach Harbaugh took the field December 21, 1997 as player Harbaugh against the Minnesota Vikings, eventually falling by the score of 39-28 at the Metrodome. He completed 15 of his 27 passes for 167 yards and a touchdown, that day with no interceptions (I'll take that from Alex Smith any day). Marshall Faulk rushed for two TD's and 102 yards for Indy, but it was Cris Carter's 3 TD receptions from Randall Cunningham that separated the Vikings this day, sealing the fate of Harbaugh and his pre-Manning Colts. 

It's always fun to take a trip in the way back when machine isn't it?