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Could Jim Harbaugh And The 49ers Pursue Ex-Jaguars QB David Garrard?

David Garrard was released today by the Jacksonville Jaguars, and there are many an NFL team that could use a quarterback like him. One of them is the San Francisco 49ers, who are going into the season with one of the worst QB situations in the league. And it can't hurt that Jim Harbaugh already has a favorable opinion of him.

As pointed out by Matt Maiocco back in January, when he was quarterbacks coach for the Raiders, Harbaugh wrote some spot-on quarterback analyses of Tony Romo (way underrated), Joey Harrington (totally overrated) and Garrard (solid). Oakland still had Rich Gannon at the time, so the Raiders made no move to draft a quarterback, but this type of spot-on evaluation could come in quite handy for the Niners.

What San Francisco needs right now is solid. Nothing spectacular, nothing superb, just flat-out solid. Garrard can give them that, and provide an effective counterbalance in case things go south with Alex Smith at the helm. Are the Niners willing to get him, or will they stand with the status quo?

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