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Braylon Edwards Case Could Go On Forever

Well, that's an exaggeration. It's likely that the NFL will get around to handing their own version of cowboy justice to the San Francisco 49ers free agent signee. Or they'll let him off; NFL justice can be random that way.

All we know is that the NFL is happily taking its time and letting Braylon Edwards wither on the pine. Matt Maiocco of Comcast Sports Net reports.

There is still no word on whether 49ers receiver Braylon Edwards will miss any games this season under the NFL's personal conduct policy.

NFL has not determined whether Edwards will face a suspension for pleading guilty in July to driving while intoxicated. His guilty plea resolved a case stemming from a police stop nearly a year ago.

A league spokesman said Sunday the case is still under review.

Regardless of whether Edwards deserved punishment, the NFL's dawdling could end up directly impacting the performance of his team. The Niners have no idea whether Edwards will be available for the season opener, and could have precious little flexibility in trying to find a replacement for him if he's forced to sit out games. With the status of Michael Crabtree uncertain as well, San Francisco is heading into Week 1 of the regular season with no picture of the personnel they'll be putting in place in the passing game.

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