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Madden NFL 12: 49ers Offensive Line Sees Downgrade In Roster Update, Defense Goes Up

The fifth roster update for Madden NFL 12 should be going up at some point tomorrow (Friday), and we've got a list of changes. Well, there's a list of changes here, but we're going to focus on the San Francisco 49ers right now. The fifth update is rolling out a ton of changes, and for the 49ers alone, there's sixteen moves made to the roster and ratings. Ten of those sixteen are ratings changes, including four decreases, all along the team's offensive line.

That's right - Joe Staley, Jonathan Goodwin, Chilo Rachal and Anthony Davis all received a decrease in ratings, with Mike Iupati being the lone player to hold. It's understandable, though Davis jumped a considerable amount downward, when it's clear that much of the problem along the right side is Rachal. Still though, it means the 49ers had six played go up, so that's a plus. After the jump, I'll list all of their changes.


RT Anthony Davis 77 to 74
RG Chilo Rachal 79 to 77
C Jonathan Goodwin 80 to 79
LT Joe Staley 88 to 87


CB Tarrell Brown 72 to 74
LB NaVorro Bowman 75 to 77
LB Ahmad Brooks 76 to 77
DE Ray McDonald 81 to 83
QB Alex Smith 77 to 78
TE Vernon Davis 91 to 92

The rest of the changes are depth chart related, as well as adding safety Colin Jones to the game. Glad to see Davis going up, but he really should never have dropped in the first place (was a 96 or 97 in Madden NFL 11). Bowman needs his increase based on how well he's played, but what's criminal is that the game shipped assessing him a 'C' "Potential" rating. The potential affects how a player progresses in franchise mode. To contrast, players like Bruce Miller, Ian Williams, Chris Culliver and a myriad of UDFAs had 'B' potential - so Madden figures they would have better careers than Bowman.