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Eagles Will Know Michael Vick's Status After Wednesday Practice

Rarely do you find a single player who can seemingly make or break a team’s chances of winning a ballgame, but that just might be the case with the Philadelphia Eagles and their quarterback Michael Vick.

The team has been cautious with Vick and his deep bone bruise on his non-throwing right hand, but will know if he is ready to go after practice Wednesday against the San Francisco 49ers this week. Though origianally though to be broken, Vick’s hand wont hinder him that much, and likely will be taking the field this Sunday in Philly.

“We have to get the swelling where it is manageable and he feels comfortable,” Reid said. “It’s about the same right now, and it’s not to say that he can’t play with the swelling, it’s just got to be where he can bend his hand where he can work with it.”

Vick has throw from 605 yards already this season, completing 59% of his passes for four touchdowns and two interceptions thus far. Any time lost could possibly give backup Vince Young some playing time,setting up a Vick-esque move , like that which occurred in 2010 with him and Kevin Kolb.