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Is 49ers' Wide Receiver Kyle Williams Upset He Didn't Play Against Bengals?

Kyle Williams has only played once on offense through three games for the San Francisco 49ers. Many fans will tell you that it's a bad thing, too. I don't know if that's because Ted Ginn Jr. isn't reliable on offense, or the fact that Michael Crabtree has been a disappointment and is banged up, or perhaps even the fact that Braylon Edwards is still struggling with an injury, but the general consensus is that fans want to see Williams get more time on offense. He does have a lot of tools at his disposal: good hands and very deceptive agility among them. When watching Williams run on offense, he looks like the kind of player who should be breaking big plays, if given the opportunity.

But there's no opportunities out there, or so it would seem. One has to wonder why he didn't get any time against the Cincinnati Bengals, with Edwards out and Crabtree coming off an injury, it seems like it would have made more sense to see Williams in action a bit more before Edwards returns. But he didn't see a single snap. After the game, he did have a tweet about winning, but it does seem a bit ... passive aggressive, as hard as that is to identify at times on the internet. One might wonder why it matters that a backup wide receiver didn't get playing time, and I'd once again point out the injuries as a good reason. Make the jump for more.


Doesn't that just carry an air of ... of disappointment? Williams didn't see any action at all and might just be feeling a little mad about that. He goes on to respond to some others:


Truth RT @JVTboys @KyleWilliams_10 I know u disappointed u did not get into the game...but it's a good win for the team.
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The bottom tweet is definitely a good thing - he's recognizing that the win is most important. But it's pretty obvious that Williams would rather be out there playing. At the very least, the team still has a lot of growing to do on offense and still need to establish their identity. I have a feeling that Williams will get his chance to show he's a part of that identity, and then it will be solely up to him.

He did finish off the day with one tweet: "It is what it is."