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Bay Area (Bad) Tweet of the Day: Chris Culliver Demonstrates How Not To Use Twitter

Yesterday, I talked about how you, the fans, should not be using Twitter. We had a tweet from 49ers defensive back Chris Culliver talking about how people were focusing on the negativity of the game against the Bengals, and I noted how it was somewhat silly to be tweeting a player about the kind of things he already knows. It's not a fan's job to tell the player what he did wrong, that's reserved for hours of yelling in the film room and on the practice field by the coaches.

That being said, there's a right way and a wrong way to use it if you're an athlete or celebrity, too. We've heard about these guys saying stupid things and getting into huge fights, some of them being told by their teams to remove them, etc ... this one isn't as bad as that, but in light of how things went against the Bengals, it's still rather facepalm worthy. It also comes from Culliver, and it's after the jump.

The bengals was soft as baby (s*I*t) lol    

Culliver has since removed the tweet, but not before some people saved it. It's the Tweet of the Day because not every Tweet of the Day has to be good. This one is quite bad, especially because the 49ers struggled mightily against the Bengals. Sure, the defense, of which Culliver is a part of, played great for the majority of the game, but Culliver himself was not above mistakes on special teams. He had quite a few, as it happens.

As I noted over at Niners Nation, it's a somewhat different kind of approach to dealing with this because Culliver used Twitter before he was famous, and I've noticed that he uses it an awful lot with people that he knows and considers his friends. The statement above is far less damning if taken in the context of someone who is just talking to their friends, but the fact that it is broadcast to the internet as a whole overshadows that.