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49ers vs. Eagles Odds: Michael Vick Injury Leaves Game Off The Boards

Normally Monday Monday and Tuesday are when NFL odds open up for the coming week's games. For the 49ers and Eagles however, the game is going to remain off the board for now due to Michael Vick's hand injury. While Vick does not have a break as initially feared, his deep bone bruise leaves his status questionable enough that odds-makers are not comfortable setting a line for the game.

As it currently stands, Vick is looking likely to play. But, when there is a chance Mike Kafka or Vince Young could end up out there, why risk a possible big loss with a line that will end up being a wild guess? If Vick had stayed healthy, I would suspect the line would have been in the touchdown range. Of course, now it's all up in the air with his hand injury. He'll likely be limited or not practicing Wednesday, but beyond that we'll have to wait and see how well the swelling comes down.