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Michael Vick Injury: Contusion, Not Break Means Vick Might Be Available Versus 49ers

Reports out of Philadelphia Sunday evening indicated quarterback Michael Vick might have broken his right non-throwing hand when he landed awkwardly after a tough hit. News on Monday indicates otherwise as Vick reportedly only has a contusion of the hand, and not any sort of fracture or break. According to head coach Andy Reid, Vick would be available against the 49ers if the swelling goes down over the next couple days.

More than likely Vick will be limited in practice in order to get the swelling down in time for Sunday's game with the 49ers. It will be interesting to see if he wears anything on the hand to protect it in some manner. That would still create some problems for the Eagles as it could affect the center-QB exchange.

A 100% Vick would create serious problems for the 49ers while a less than 100% Vick could put the 49ers in a position to spring an upset. This story will continue developing through the week so we'll have plenty of updates.