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49ers Fans May Stop Groaning Over Moran Norris If Bruce Miller Can Impress Against Bengals

For 49ers fans, hearing news about a player being hurt and out for any measure of time is never a happy proposition. This includes the recent news that fullback Moran Norris is now set to miss the week three matchup against the Cincinnati Bengals due to a fibula injury. Norris isn't practicing and is already ruled out on the injury report, so in his place will likely be rookie Bruce Miller.

Norris has been one of the most criticized 49ers over the past couple seasons, and many were rallying for him to be cut heading into this season. Hell, many were rallying for him to be cut heading into the previous season. The criticisms against him are exaggerated by many of the fans, but he has definitely lost a step since having that stint with the 0-16 Detroit Lions. Norris' blocking is subpar and his situational awareness is among the worst on the team, something that is certainly damning against a veteran like him.

Again, nobody will celebrate an injury (well, of course some will, but they're not very nice, now are they?), but many have to be glad that at least another player is getting a chance to do something. Miller was drafted in the sixth round of the 2011 draft and made the conversion from defensive linemen/outside linebacker to fullback during the offseason. He's a big guy with a ton of strength built in his center of gravity - so the fullback position suits him.

The injury merely opens the door for Miller to prove himself and show he can start. If he impresses and springs running back Frank Gore for even one or two big gains, he might just take over Norris' spot in the starting lineup permanently. After that, there will be nobody stopping 49ers fans from lynching whoever it is that garners the second highest amount of their ire ... probably quarterback Alex Smith.