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Candlestick Park Fights: Fans Beaten At Tailgate, Gun Found In Car

A little more than a month after fights broke out at Candlestick Park between 49ers and Raiders fans, there has been yet another act of violence committed at a tailgate. This time, the incident took place last weekend as the Dallas Cowboys were in town. C.W. Nevius has the story in his blog from SF Gate:

It seems that at 5 p.m. on the night of the Dallas game a victim was found in the parking lot, bleeding from the head. According to the report, police detained three suspects who were determined to assault the victim and his friend.

And what exactly happened that sparked the altercation:

"Apparently, the argument started because the victim was standing behind the suspects' vehicle and not allowing them to back out. Words were exchanged then the suspects got out of the car and assaulted the victim. One of the suspects hit the victim several times in the head with a flashlight while another smashed a bottle over his head. The third suspect brandished a knife. A friend of the victim tried to step in and got punched in the head by the first suspect. A security guard, who witnessed the incident attempted to get involved as well and was also attacked by two of the suspects who punched him several times."

Police then searched the suspects' car and found "a Colt pistol" in the center console with the serial numbers filed off, the report said.

Why do people do this?

Fortunately, none of the victims sustained serious injuries, though most of them went to a local hospital and received treatment. As for the suspects, there is no word on the charges they will face or if jail time is possible, though the pistol with the filed off serial numbers is enough to put them in jail for a while, especially if any of them have a prior history with the law.

This of course comes just a few weeks after the NFL sent their Head of Security to San Francisco to make inspections and ensure Candlestick was up to par with the league's rules and regulations as far as stadium security goes. Another visit could be coming soon for those in the 49ers organization.

Stop being stupid, folks. It's football.