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49ers' Vernon Davis Doesn't Speak Out 'Against' Jim Harbaugh's Gameplan, But He Probably Should Have

After the San Francisco 49ers squandered their two-score lead over the Dallas Cowboys, tight end Vernon Davis had a few things to say regarding Jim Harbaugh and the team's offense. More specifically, Davis talked a bit about how he was being used - namely how he was kept in to block against linebacker DeMarcus Ware. When asked whether or not he expected that matchup, he responded with the bit below:

I didn't think that was going to happen. I thought I'd be running a lot of routes, especially because their secondary was banged up and I thought we could take advantage of them in that aspect. But, like I said, it's up to the coaches each week to decide what they want to do. But no, I didn't think I'd be up against Ware like that.

It's not exactly a condemnation of Harbaugh's offensive plan for the game, but it is certainly somewhat contradictory. Davis clearly had a different picture of what was going to happen, but he's doing the right thing in deferring to the coaches and following orders, at least when it comes to handling the media.

Davis would also go on to reference the team's need to keep their playmakers - in other words Davis - involved no matter what happens. It's a soft lob at Harbaugh, but again it's not speaking "against" the coaches like some headlines you may have read. He's not a player maligned and angered by how he's being used ... he's matured into a guy who will do everything that is asked of him.

But he is right on the ball here. The Cowboys had a struggling secondary and Alex Smith was mostly on-point for the night. Save for the fact that the offensive line probably didn't give Alex enough time to light up any defense, Davis certainly should have seen more looks, and staying in to block on at least ten plays is just too much for a playmaker of his caliber. His blocking skills are among the best of all tight ends, but so is his physicality and receiving ability.

He should take every opportunity to let Harbaugh know that this offense can do good things, and there's nothing wrong with a player putting that kind of spotlight on himself and saying "If you want good things to happen, get me the football." Davis has earned that right to say things like that, and though he's being a good soldier when it comes to the media and press conferences, his gentle lobs are ringing loud and clear to Jim Harbaugh and Greg Roman.

Or at least they really, really should be.