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ANIMATED: 49ers CB Carlos Rogers Uses His Head Against Throw By Cowboys QB Tony Romo

The Dallas Cowboys were looking to climb back into their contest against the San Francisco 49ers.

Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo dropped back to pass and was looking for tight end Jason Witten toward the sidelines on an out pattern. But Romo placed the ball too high for Witten, and it sailed over his head. 49ers cornerback Carlos Rogers (playing back in coverage) was in a good place to actually make a play on the throw and haul in the interception for Romo.

Unfortunately for Rogers, he didn't have his head up. Which meant the play looked like this.


(HT bubbaprog)

The Niners ended up forcing a Cowboys punt on the play, so it didn't end up costing them. But Rogers would love to get another chance at that throw.

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