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NFL TV Schedule, Week 2: 49ers-Cowboys, Raiders-Bills Dominate Bay Area Market

The San Francisco 49ers are playing at home and the Oakland Raiders are playing on the road in week two of the NFL season, which means Bay Area football fans will be somewhat limited in their viewing options. The fine folks at the 506 have put together their viewing map for the week and as you can tell, the Raiders play in the morning on CBS while the 49ers play in the afternoon on FOX.


The Bay Area is the only region that won't get an afternoon CBS game due to the Raiders traveling east to Buffalo. If you're looking for something other than the 49ers tomorrow afternoon, or you don't want to watch the Raiders in the morning either, you've got three options. If you've got Comcast, I highly recommend purchasing the Red Zone channel on the sports tier. I believe it costs $5.99 per month for the sports package, but the Red Zone channel is totally worth it. They bounce from game to game with no commercials.


If you're looking for specific non-Bay Area NFL games, you either need to have DirecTV's NFL Sunday Ticket or you'll need to find yourself a sports bar that has the Ticket.