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Week 2 NFL Picks Against The Spread

Two sets of predictions against the spread for Week 2 of the NFL season. Your best bet might be to bet the opposite. Check out SB Nation NFL for full week two coverage.

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We're back for a second week of NFL picks. I actually did surprisingly well for week one, going 9-6 against the spread. My best picks were taking Buffalo to cover against Kansas City, the Vikings to cover against the Chargers and the Raiders over the Broncos. Of course, those were offset by my picks of the Browns and Falcons, but what are you  gonna do?

We're switching up the format this week as James Arcellana is joining me in the picks. We'll go head-to-head each week with our picks for the remaining 16 weeks of the NFL season. I'm sure we'll each have our high and low moments, so feel free to mock accordingly. On to the picks. Just a reminder that we're picking based on the gambling spread as opposed to straight up. Additionally, the home team is in caps.

David - BUFFALO BILLS (-3) over Oakland Raiders: The Bills are coming off a huge win in Kansas City while the Raiders snuck out a win in Denver. However, the big difference-maker in this game for me is the short week for Oakland followed by a long east coast trip. West coast teams struggle when they travel east and play the 10am pacific game. Count me in for the Bills at home.

James - Oakland Raiders (+3) over BUFFALO BILLS: The Bills romped in Kansas City in week one, but I think that has more to do with revealing who Kansas City really is rather than who the Bills really are. The Raiders are coming off of a close win, but one in which their defense looked dominant at times. If they can control the penalties, they could be real good this season.

David - DETROIT LIONS (-9) over Kansas City Chiefs: I thought the Chiefs would regress this season and week one showed that starting. The Lions are off to a strong start with the win in Tampa Bay and I think they follow up with an easy win over the Chiefs.

James - DETROIT LIONS (-9) over Kansas City Chiefs: The Chiefs looked horrendous in week one as they were blown out by the Buffalo Bills at home. Traveling to Detroit to face the up and coming Lions is not the way to get back on track. Could be another big time loss.

David - Baltimore Ravens (-6.5) over TENNESSEE TITANS: Count me in on the Ravens bandwagon after only one week. They dismantled the Steelers with surprising ease. The Titans on the other hand struggled against a weak Jaguars team. I don't like their chances against Baltimore this week.

James - Baltimore Ravens (-6.5) over TENNESSEE TITANS: The Ravens absolutley thrashed the Steelers in week one. We all know how good the Ravens can be, but they flat out embarassed one of the better teams in the league. The rebuilding Titans are in for a long game.

David - INDIANAPOLIS COLTS (+1) over Cleveland Browns: My how the tables turn after one week. The Colts are a slim dog but I have a feeling they turn things around at least for one week. Their issues were less about the QB and more about the defense. I don't think the Browns will slice through them quite so easily.

James - Cleveland Browns (-1) over INDIANAPOLIS COLTS: Wait, the Browns are favored over the Colts, in Indy? Oh, thats right, the Colts look like a high school JV team without Peyton Manning.

David - Tampa Bay Buccaneers (+3) over MINNESOTA VIKINGS: Donovan McNabb may never play as poorly again as he did last week, but I still think the Vikings are firmly in the mix for one of the top picks in the draft.

James - Tampa Bay Buccaneers (+3) over MINNESOTA VIKINGS: This is a close one. The Vikings nearly pulled off an upset in San Diego in week one, but despite being at home this weekend, the Bucs are simply a better team. I expect the Bucs to win out right.

David - NEW ORLEANS SAINTS (-7) over Chicago Bears: I think the Saints are going to be awfully tough to beat at home this season. This is a tough one to call, especially with the touchdown spread, but I think Jay Cutler struggles and the Saints have their way with the Bears defense.

James - NEW ORLEANS SAINTS (-7) over Chicago Bears: Another tough call. The Bears looked very impressive in their opening win over one of the league's better offenses last season in the Atlanta Falcons. But after the game Drew Brees had against the Green Bay Packers in week one, I expect he will go off at home in week two.

David - NEW YORK JETS (-10) over Jacksonville Jaguars: I was tempted to latch on to the Jaguars solid performance in week one, but I just can't see them having consistency this season. With that in mind, I'm sure I'll be wrong.

James - NEW YORK JETS (-10) over Jacksonville Jaguars: After cutting their starting quarterback less than a week before their opening game, the Jaguars looked better than most expected as they locked up a win in week one. Despite that, they not going to be able to do much against the Jets defense. 10 points is a rather high line, but this could easily be a two score win for the Jets at home.

David - PITTSBURGH STEELERS (-15) over Seattle Seahawks: While the Steelers looked positively anemic against the Seattle Seahawks in week one, the Seahawks strike me as the tonic for what ails them. Seattle is in line for an awful season and it continues in Pittsburgh.

James - PITTSBURGH STEELERS (-15) over Seattle Seahawks: I know the Steelers got blown out in week one, but they are a better team than they showed, and they were playing one of the better teams in the league. The Seahawks, on the other hand, lost by 16 points to the Alex Smith lead San Francisco 49ers, now that is embarrassing.

David - Arizona Cardinals (+4) over WASHINGTON REDSKINS: Rex Grossman won last week with a fairly solid performance. I have faith that Sexy Rexy won't do it two weeks in a row.

James - WASHINGTON REDSKINS (-4) over Arizona Cardinals: It's a battle of two teams looking to right the ship after a dismal season last year with new quarterbacks. Shockingly, Rex Grossman looked just as good as Kolb in week one. With home field advantage and a much improved team, the Redskins should win in a close one.

David - Green Bay Packers (-11) over CAROLINA PANTHERS: Cam Newton looked like a world beater in week one. It'll be interesting to see how he looks against a big boy defense. Even if he has a second solid week, I think Aaron Rodgers makes swiss cheese of the Panthers defense.

James - Green Bay Packers (-11) over CAROLINA PANTHERS: Aaron Rodgers. 'Nuff said.

David - SAN FRANCISCO 49ERS (+3) over Dallas Cowboys: Consider this my hope that the Cowboys are still a bit shell-shocked from last week's loss to the Jets. As a 49ers fan I likely wouldn't touch this game with a ten-foot pole.

James - Dallas Cowboys (-3) over SAN FRANCISCO 49ERS: I know the Niners had a big win in week one over the Seahawks, but without two huge special teams touchdowns by Ted Ginn Jr., that game would have been much closer. The Cowboys are far better than the Seahawks and I expect them to win by a touchdown in San Francisco.

David - Houston Texans (-2.5) over MIAMI DOLPHINS: The Dolphins offense looked solid against the Patriots but their defense was absolutely shredded. I think Matt Schaub has a field day with the Dolphins defense.

James - Houston Texans (-2.5) over MIAMI DOLPHINS: The Dolphins got burned for over 500 yards through the air against New England and cut one of their cornerbacks as a result. Expect Matt Schaub, Andre Johnson and the Houston Texans to have a field day through the air.

David - NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS (-6.5) over San Diego Chargers: Even without going overboard following Brady's monster game, I think the Patriots are in line for a fantastic season. After Monday's game, I won't be betting against them anytime soon.

James - San Diego Chargers (+6.5) over NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS: The Pats are coming off of a monster opening game, while San Diego is happy that their typical early season struggles did not prevent them from getting a win opening day. The Pats are clearly a better team, but Phillip Rivers is still one of the best quarterbacks in the league and I expect the Chargers to keep this one close.

David - Cincinnati Bengals (+4.5) over DENVER BRONCOS: An injured Andy Dalton means more Cedric Benson. After what the Raiders did on the ground against Denver and the struggles of Kyle Orton, I think this is close enough to go with the Bengals. It's a tough one to call however.

James - Cincinnati Bengals (+4.5) over DENVER BRONCOS: John Fox had two goals for Denver this season; run the ball on offense and stop the run on defense. They failed at both on Monday night putting up only 38 rushing yards while giving up 190. Expect Cedric Benson to run wild on the weak Broncos defense, taking enough pressure off of Cincy's questionable QB situation to cover the spread.

David - Philadelphia Eagles (-1.5) over ATLANTA FALCONS: I think the Falcons can bounce back from their tough opener but facing a strong Eagles squad will be a tough one. I see them dropping a tough one.

James - ATLANTA FALCONS (+1.5) over Philidelphia Eagles: This was insanely tough to call. Both teams have the fire power to be real strong this season, and both teams did not quite live up to all of their expectations in week one. In the end, I am taking the Falcons because they are at home and at +1.5.

David - NEW YORK GIANTS (-7) over St. Louis Rams: The Rams find themselves banged up in all sorts of ways with Steven Jackson and Danny Amendola both likely out for Monday's game. I just don't think they have the firepower to hang with the Giants on the road.

James - NEW YORK GIANTS (-7) over St. Louis Rams: This one was tough as well. Had Steven Jackson not gone down with an injury in week one, I would likely have taken the Rams. But Jackson's injury along with Bradford's injury leads me to take the Giants in this one.


David: 9-6-0
James: 0-0-0