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Braylon Edwards Sues Michigan Restaurant Over August 1 Brawl

49ers wide receiver Braylon Edwards has filed a lawsuit against a Michigan restaurant and three of its employees, claiming slander, extortion and malicious prosecution surrounding an August 1 brawl at the restaurant. Edwards was eating at the restaurant with family members and friends when a fight broke out. Two of Edwards' cousins have been charged with felonious assault while the police have said Edwards is not going to be charged with any crimes. Edwards claims his party was hassled first and that led to the fight.


Edwards claims in the days following the fight, employees of the restaurant texted him threatening to file a police complaint if he didn't pay them money. Additionally, Edwards claims they followed that up with slanderous comments in the media.


Edwards is asking for over $14 million in damages because he claims a team had offered him a deal that included $15 million in guaranteed money. Edwards eventually signed with the 49ers for $1 million in guaranteed money, thus the difference in what he is asking for as damages.