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49ers Have Cheap Trick Perform National Anthem In Week Two Against Cowboys, Honor 80's With 'Red Out'

Are you guys ready for the greatest rock band to ever exist? Are you stoked for the best damn rock band to ever grace this unworthy world with its presence to sing the National Anthem at the 49ers vs. Cowboys game this Sunday? Well, they couldn't get Foreigner, sorry ... but instead, you can have Cheap Trick, who is good in their own right, of course.


That's right, in commemoration of the glorious 49ers of the 80s, the team is calling for a "Red Out" at Candlestick Park. There's a big sale going on at, where you can use the code "REDOUT11" to get 15% off of jerseys, in case you don't have anything red laying around (shame on you). Dwight Clark and Dwight Hicks will be there signing autographs at the Verizon Gate, and they'll serve as honary team captains. In addition to Cheap Trick doing the national anthem, they'll have an 80s medley at halftime from a local band and all-in-all, it should be a pretty good time.


It's no secret that this is coming when the 49ers take on the Dallas Cowboys, rivals of the 80s and 90s. Those two teams beat the tar out of each other and we'd only be so lucky if that rivalry was as big as it was then, today. I know tickets have been sold out for awhile now, but it looks like they'll be releasing a few more through Ticketmaster, so if you don't have one ... you're going to want to try that.