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VIDEO: Ted Ginn Jr. Kickoff & Punt Return TDs Seal 49ers Victory Over Seahawks

For a few moments, it looked like the Seattle Seahawks might just pull victory from the jaws of certain defeat against the San Francisco 49ers. Seattle had cut what looked like an insurmountable 16-0 halftime lead to 19-17, and it looked as if Jim Harbaugh would have to ask Alex Smith to do more than just hand the ball off to Frank Gore in the second half with still four minutes remaining.

Ted Ginn Jr. negated all of that with two monstrous returns.

(via Kuruption084)

Ginn had not (and would not) catch a single pass in Seattle's loss to San Francisco. But late in the fourth quarter, with the Niners nursing a two point lead, Ginn took the kickoff from Seahawks kicker Steven Hauschka, feinted to the inside, drew all the coverage in, and then juked back outside to the right at full speed. Seahawks coverage lost outside contain and Ginn raced into the end zone with no contest. The 102 yard kickoff return put San Francisco up 26-17 and two scores, effectively clinching up the game.

Then for good measure, Ginn did it again a minute later.

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Ginn dropped the ball, but the entire Seattle punt coverage appeared to run right past him, as if they thought he was going the other way. Ginn was happy to dissuade them of that notion, scooting into the end zone to make it 33-17, notching up a 55 yard score. The first one was embarrassing for the Seahawks; the second one was flat-out emasculating. And it's just a remarkable achievement for Ginn--he's the 12th player in NFL history to return both a punt and a kick for a touchdown.