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49ers vs. Chargers NFL Preseason: Reggie Smith, Shawntae Spencer, Michael Crabtree Inactive

The San Francisco 49ers will be have a team near full-strength for their fourth and final preseason game on Thursday night against the San Diego Chargers. The season is just a little more then a week away and head coach Jim Harbaugh is looking forward to seeing his entire team in action.

The players who likely won't be playing tonight? 

Only 49ers listed as not playing are R Smith and S Spencer. Gotta think that Crabtree also is a no go considering he didn't warm up ...less than a minute ago via web Favorite Retweet Reply


It is disappointing Crabtree will miss yet another preseason game, though it is probably in his injured foot's best interest to continue resting. As for Reggie Smith (knee) and Shawntae Spencer (hamstring), neither injury is considered too serious and they will both hope to play in week one.

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