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AUDIO: 49ers Head Coach Jim Harbaugh Sticking With Alex Smith At QB

Hey guys, heard this story before? San Francisco 49ers head coach Jim Harbaugh needs a quarterback, but there's this guy called Alex Smith that everyone wants him to ignore. But Jim Harbaugh really likes Alex Smith a lot and believes he can develop into something special and Niners fans are all like "ARRRRRRGGGGH!"

But then Alex Smith goes out and doesn't look all that great in practice and Niners fans are like "Oh boy we need a guy." Then Harbaugh is all like "Hey how about Josh McNown?" and 49ers fans just get sadder and more depressed.

Harbaugh has more to say today in a radio interview that you can find courtesy of Sports Radio Interviews. Listen to the whole interview here.

As a guy who played as a quarterback in the NFL do you believe Alex Smith can develop into a good, solid, starting quarterback?

"Yes. Yes he can. The things that have occurred over the first seven years of Alex’s career have been good. There has been some tough times, but all those experiences I believe lead to success. You never know what path it is going to take or what’s going to transpire to get Alex and our franchise to where we want to go, so just with continuos effort just keep plugging away and he’s done a great job of that. He’s been mentally tough guy. He’s been physically tough and a strong young man. It’s been a pleasure to work with him and hopefully we are doing everything we can to make our team better and get Alex and us where we want to go."

I don't know you guys. Alex Smith could be the guy, but he also might not be the guy. The Niners might need to really change things up because this isn't the situation you really want, you know what I mean? The Niners should get someone they really believe will make a difference, you know?

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