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Xavier Omon & Chris Nwagbuo, Brothers Reunited

This is a beautiful story by Elizabeth Merrill from ESPN, and it's well-worth your time. Running back Xavier Omon (who has experienced some deep personal tragedy) might not be a San Francisco 49er by the end of this weekend (he's buried deep in the depth chart, and isn't likely to make it happen), but at least he'll have someone else to anchor himself to in dire times. He's related to San Diego Chargers defensive end Ogemdi Nwagbuo through his absent father, and has spent much of the past year trying to reunite with him. They will meet on the field in this week's Chargers-49ers preseason matchup.


Obviously times are tough with the NFL lockout, so it makes sense that it took some time for the two to decide to meet with each other. But it's nice to see that sports still has the transformative power to draw people together, and it looks like it'll help Omon find a family he can belong to.