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49ers Vs. Chargers: Game Time, TV Schedule, Roster Update And More

The San Francisco 49ers travel down to San Diego to face the Chargers Thursday evening in their preseason finale. The 49ers last performance against the Houston Texans left a lot plenty to be desired and fans will be hoping for something a little more inspiring Thursday evening in San Diego.

It's hard to judge the preseason in part because many teams are trying out new schemes and new players, while other teams know what they've got and are just trying to make it to the regular season without significant injuries. The 49ers are an example of the former, while the Chargers are an example of the latter. All teams are still looking at some number of end of the roster players, but the 49ers are a team that have as many question marks to figure out as anybody else.

You could argue the most interesting story of the game will come before the game. 49ers running back Xavier Omon and Chargers defensive end Ogemdi Nwagbuo are half brothers and will get a chance to meet up before the game. This is significant because they only discovered they were half brothers nine months ago and this is the first time they will meet in person. They've spent nine months emailing, texting, and skyping, and now they'll get to meet for the first time ever. It should make for an exciting evening for Omon, no matter how he performs during the game.

Game Date/Time: Thursday, September 1; 7:00pm PT

TV Schedule
49ers: CBS 5 - Dennis O'Donnell, Tim Ryan, Kim Coyle
Chargers: CBS 8

Location: Qualcomm Stadium, San Diego, California

Radio Schedule
49ers: 107.7 FM, 680/1050 AM - Ted Robinson, Eric Davis, Rod Brooks
Chargers: 105.3 FM, 1360 AM

TV Distribution

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