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Jerry Rice, ESPN Analyst On Sportscenter, NFL Live, Audibles

The greatest receiver in NFL history and perhaps the greatest athlete in Bay Area history is going to be appearing on your TV sets a little bit more this year. Richard Deitsch of Sports Illustrated reports that Jerry Rice is coming to ESPN, which means no wide receiver is ever going to be safe from scrutiny ever again. Randy Moss, you might as well go into hiding, because Rice is going to unleash monstrous condescension from his new perch in Bristol.

Rice will appear on Sportscenter as perhaps the new face for the NFL, because Chris Berman's surliness covers multiple LCDs at this point. He'll also be on NFL Live, where he will proceed to browbeat Merril Hoge and Mark Schlereth on a daily basis. And he'll be on Audibles, where he and Steve Young will reminisce about the sixty thousand times they beat the Rams by four touchdowns. 

Either that or he'll be reasonable and interesting, something ESPN personalities are generally renowned for not possessing.