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49ers WR Braylon Edwards Still Hasn't Heard Anything From NFL Regarding Suspension

San Francisco 49ers wide receiver Braylon Edwards still has no idea if the NFL is going to be punishing him for a DUI charge from 2010. Commissioner Roger Goodell, arbiter of justice, has yet to give Edwards any word on whether he'll be playing or not come opening week. Matt Barrows of the Sacramento Bee reports.

Edwards said he hasn't met with Commissioner Roger Goodell or even heard from the league office regarding a possible suspension stemming from a DUI last season. "I've had no contact whatsoever," Edwards said.

Asked if he thinks that's good news, Edwards said, "Everybody asks me the question. I don't know. I don't know what's going on. It's pretty much on the league. I'd prefer if people don't ask me that question because I don't know."

Asked if there was anything to report regarding possible disciplinary action for Edwards, a league spokesman, in an email, wrote, "No. Nothing to report on that."

A 2009 report by Yahoo Sports indicated that drunk driving was a prevalent problem in the league. The NFL has hardly been consistent in the past when it comes to handing out DUI suspensions. Rey Maualuga of the Cincinnati Bengals received some punishment from the law, but was not forced to miss any games; Vincent Jackson of the San Diego Chargers received a three game suspension for his second DUI incident.  Since this is Edwards's first DUI, it's possible the NFL might let this conviction slide by without any additional punishment from the league. However, his past history of transgressions also could make the league think a suspension is warranted. Also, the act occurred before the lockout, so his actions do fall under the NFL's enforcement window.

The 49ers play the Seahawks the opening week, and could be down both Edwards and Michael Crabtree if the former is suspended and the latter is not properly healed. This could leave the Niners with Josh Morgan and a bunch of new, young faces outside, which would provide very little help for Alex Smith.

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