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VIDEO: Al Michaels Does Not Want The Terrorists To Cancel Raiders-49ers Series

Al Michaels has a history of political incorrectness. He's a known fan of the Howard Stern Show and had to help out Peter Jennings on a prank call during the OJ car chase, plus the additional sly gambling reference near the end of a game.

So during the Sunday Night football telecast of the preseason Raiders-Saints game, Michaels said this:

"If you stop the rivalry because of a couple of punks, I know this is an overstatement, but you let the terrorists win."

Sportsgrid captured the video. Check it out after the jump.

Obviously, Al Michaels is right on the forefront of the fight for democracy. Clearly if punks can cancel the 49ers-Raiders meaningless preseason game, what's next? Jets-Giants? Bills-Browns? Seahawks-Jaguars? What else can these guys do to ruin an exhibition format that we don't care in the least about?

It's kind of hard to tell if Michaels is actually joking about this (he did get his start in broadcasting from the Bay Area), if he's drunk (although he did sound stone cold sober), or if he's bored (yeah I'm going with this one Alex). But I imagine NBC will probably ask him to apologize if it becomes a big story. Unless they don't care, because it's the preseason and no one really cares right now.