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49ers Injury Report: Michael Crabtree Reportedly Suffered Another Left Foot Stress Fracture

So for those wondering about what injury Michael Crabtree suffered that held him out of training camp all offseason. It's a left foot stress fracture, a source told Matt Barrows of the Sacramento Bee. Yep, it's the same left foot stress fracture injury that he suffered during the NFL combine in February 2009, the same foot where he had surgery and a screw was inserted. It's not clear if he required another screw insertion, but he was in a boot and apparently had surgery before training camp started. His status for Week 1 of the NFL season is up in the air.

Crabtree is a criticial component to the resurgence of San Francisco football. The Niners are clearly stretched thin at the receiving corps with Braylon Edwards and Josh Morgan the only two reliable options right now, which limits the packages San Francisco can run on offense. Crabtree provides more versatility and gives San Francisco TWO solid options in Edwards and Crabtree who can run the entire receiving tree with deadly effectiveness.

David Fucillo points out at Niners Nation how important Crabtree is in the short passing game, and how he can force defenses  to commit extra men to pass defense in ways that neither Edwards nor Morgan can do. That would also decrease the amount of blitzing opposing defenses can send at Alex Smith and Colin Kaepernick. With the makeshift offensive line the Niners are currently sporting, any relief of the pressure could be a boon to the sputtering San Francisco offense.

But a second stress fracture to the same foot would make anyone a little cautious. The Niners might be best waiting and seeing Crabtree at 100% rather than rushing him back and impairing his overall football health.

For more coverage of Crabtree and his role with the 49ers, Niners Nation is where to discuss him.