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Frank Gore Talks Contract After Preseason Loss to Texans

Disgruntled San Francisco 49ers running back Frank Gore spoke to the media after Saturday night's 30-7 preseason loss at the hands of the Houston Texans, talking about his contract status and his mindset going into the season right now. Gore did not play a single snap of the game per head coach Jim Harbaugh's decision, definitely not a good sign during the third week of the preseason, a time known to see lots of starters getting action on the field. 

Frank just to clarify, if you don't get an extension before the season starts, you are not going to request a trade?   

"It's up to the team. I don't [have anything] to do with a trade. I don't [have anything] to do with my agent and the team. If the team wants to do that, hopefully they don't. I want to be here. I want to be a 49er and I want to be treated right. Like I said, if it gets done, it gets done. If not, I'm going to be here for my teammates and my coaching staff and try to make this run."

Glad to see Rosenhaus has Frank saying all the PC things he needs to at this point. I hope he does want to be a 49er, because they will have a very, very one-dimensional offense of getting sacked and throwing interceptions. 

Will you be involved in those talks at all?

"Nah I don't want get that. I'm a football player, if I was an agent I would, I'd do it. You know that's my agent's job and hopefully man, hopefully hopefully I hope it get's done and I hope I can get something fair."

The fact that Frank keeps coming back to the idea of fairness or being 'treated right' says to me he feels he isn't getting that, and possibly won't if he sticks around. 

Your preseason is over correct?

"I got to see what coach say. It's up to coach Harbaugh whatever he say I'm going to do. I like him a lot and I respect him a lot." 

Are you ready for the regular season?

"I'm ready. I trained my behind this offseason. I practice hard every day, as yall see. When my number gets called, 21 is going to be ready."

I just hope he's wearing number 21 for the Red and Gold.

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