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Jim Harbaugh Doesn't Beat Around the Bush in Post Game Presser

After the San Francisco 49ers demoralizing preseason loss to the Houston Texans on Saturday, head coach Jim Harbaugh wasn't sugar coating anything in his post-game presser. Harbaugh told it like it is, being professional enough not to put his players on blast while at the same time pointing out problems they had. Here are some tidbits from his press conference Saturday evening:

Would you put most of the offensive struggles on bad pass protection or were your quarterbacks struggling there a little bit?

"It's a bitter pill to swallow, when you're beaten that thoroughly in pretty much all phases. I think defense wasn't quite as bad as special teams and special teams weren't quite as bad as offense. Specifically with the offense, we didn't get any kind of rhythm going at all. It's on everybody involved with the offense: protection, route running, decision making - all those things."

Real talk from coach here, although the Niners seemed not to have much of a game plan before the game. He was asked about that as well.

How much would you say the fact that the Texan's game planned and you guys didn't game plan have to do with the result.

"There's no excuses. We're game planning, too, so that's not an excuse."

It certainly didn't look like there was a game plan.

The Niners kept running back Frank Gore out of the game, possibly signaling some more beef between the pro-bowl back and his new coaches.

Why did you not play RB Frank Gore tonight? What went into that thinking?

"That was a decision that I made. I talked to Frank and told him what I was thinking and that was my decision."

Without Frank, you might as well put a fork in this team. 

Neither Alex Smith or Colin Kaepernick did anything spectacular on Saturday, leading some to wonder about Kap's status as the possible starter. 

You said you wanted to see QB Colin Kaepernick with your ones and against their ones. Did he show a little youth tonight?

"I think if you're just looking to find something positive to say offensively, it's not easy tonight. I'm not going to single anybody out. The players will hear it from us; they don't need to read about it as well."

Is there a chance you might be forced to start Kaepernick just for the simple fact that he is more mobile and he can escape out of trouble?


This screams to me that Alex Smith is here to stay. sigh. 

In sumation, Harbaugh kept it very simple going forward:

Are you confident that you can have your team ready for the opener in a couple of weeks?



"Because we have to. It's not an option not to."

That doesn't scream confidence to me.  Just because you 'have to' be ready certainly doesn't mean you will be. Sure is going to be an interesting season.