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49ers Offensive Coordinator Greg Roman Chats Preseason Ball, Edwards, Davis

The San Francisco 49ers have generated 20 total points of offense through their first two preseason games. The team looked solid in Saturday's 17-3 win against the Oakland Raiders, but the 49ers still has work to do and will strive to make significant improvements in their offense before the season begins. Offensive coordinator Greg Roman talked about several offensive players during a press conference prior to Wednesday's practice.

One of the first questions addressed to Roman concerned newly acquired wide receiver Braylon Edwards and why he has yet to start a game in the preseason. Roman seems to have high hopes for Edwards and states that it's only a matter of time before Edwards starts; "Braylon, I would define as, he could be a difference maker. As he keeps improving and working into the offense, it's just like anybody else, his role will expand."

Asked about another new player, center Jonathon Goodwin, and whether he will see more snaps with the first unit, Roman commented on Goodwin's progress through training camp and his real understanding of the game. In Roman's words, "Jonathan is really making some good strides. He is a steady ‘Rock of Gibraltar' type guy. He doesn't say a whole lot, in terms of being vocal all the time, but you want to talk about a smart guy; he's kind of like E.F. Hutton in a sense that when he talks, people listen."

Roman had high praise for tight end Vernon Davis as well, who has posted 900+ yards in each of the past two seasons. According to Roman, he's quite the athlete and competitor: "Vernon is very explosive. He can go from zero to sixty when he needs to. He can rev up the engine in a hurry. Vernon is a great person, great to work with, very attentive, very much interested in the details of things, always looking for a way to get better."

Finally, Roman talked about his expectations for the offense on Saturday night and the 49ers' third preseason game. Asked about what he wants to see improve the most, he responded, "It's everything. It's everything. We need to get better at everything in a hurry. From the huddle to getting to the ball, our communication, our blocking, our courses in the run game, our route running, everything."

The 49ers will get a chance to show what their first-team is capable of in Saturday's game against the Houston Texans. Starters should play for most of the first half and a chunk of the second half, and we'll see if Roman can get his guys to improve their all-around offensive play. The game is scheduled to start at 8:00 ET.