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ESPN Scouts Inc Top 200: 49ers, Raiders Represented In The Rankings

ESPN's Scouts Inc released their annual Top 200 player rankings and the Bay Area is well represented, with the potential for a host of new additions in coming years. The San Francisco 49ers had six players on the list, while the Oakland Raiders had three players on the list. Scouts Inc looked at quarterbacks being of primary importance, and then playmakers and truly dominant players across the board quickly following.

The Oakland Raiders had three players represented as follows:

41. DL Richard Seymour
101. RB Darren McFadden
183. S Michael Huff

The Raiders have some solid additional young talent that could make its way onto such a list in the near future. If I were to make a prediction about this list next year, Jacoby Ford could very well get on the list. He had a huge second half of 2010 and if he can build on it this season, his playmaking skills could prove worthy of a Top 200 ranking.

The San Francisco 49ers were represented by six players as follows:

11. LB Patrick Willis
25. DE Justin Smith
111. TE  Vernon Davis
114. RB Frank Gore
117. S Donte Whitner
129. LG Mike Iupati

Among this year's draft choices, Aldon Smith has had a strong camp and if he is put in a position to succeed as primarily a pass rushing specialist his rookie year, he might be able to work his way onto the list. He has been dominant in practice and seen his skills translate onto the field. A strong 2010 could get him on the 2012 Top 200 list.