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VIDEO: 49ers and Raiders Fans Brawl At Candlestick Park

So all the terrible events that occurred at last night's Battle of the Bay in the 49ers home park was preceded by fighting inside the Stick. Let's take a look at one of the more prominent incidents that was caught on tape.

(via cava2345)

This incident took place in the lower bowl. Although it's hard to see, you'll notice one of the assailants (who we'll presume is a Raiders fan, unless he is some sort of NFL hipster) fleeing the scene, and changing his t-shirt from black to white in a blink of an eye. This man has been watching some good old heist films, that's for sure.

Here's a closer look at the incident.

(via Switzer2136)

49ers on Raiders fan violence is pretty vile. 49ers on 49ers violence can get pretty bad. But Joe Montana jersey-wearing Niners fan on Joe Montana jersey-wearing Niners fan violence? This is a level of human cruelty barely covered under the Geneva Convention.