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Two People Shot Outside Candlestick Park Following 49ers-Raiders Preseason Game

The San Francisco 49ers and Oakland Raiders have a fairly historic rivalry and the fans take it seriously. Sometimes too seriously. In a game that had multiple fights break out, the post-game was marred by a shooting involving two people outside Candlestick Park. There are no suspects at this point and motives at this point are unclear. The shooting involved a 24-year old man and a 20-year old man. The 24-year old is reportedly suffering life threatening injuries, while the 20-year old is not.


This followed a game in which numerous fights broke out in the stands and police were called into action throughout the game. Although most fans generally have a good time at the game, there are enough knuckleheads in attendance (supporting EITHER team) that problems get started. There is no word on the specific number of arrests but I was in attendance and saw several myself.


We'll have more on this incident as further developments come along.