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Ricky Jean Francois: Peanut Butter Jelly Time Video

49ers third year nose tackle Ricky Jean Francois has worked hard to develop his craft as a nose tackle and is quietly working his way up the depth chart. He got first team snaps throughout the 2010 preseason when Aubrayo Franklin was waiting to sign his franchise tender. In 2011, RJF has received a lot of first team snaps at both nose tackle and left defensive due to injuries and the rules of free agency limiting the early practice time for Ray McDonald.

While he has worked to develop his on-field craft, he has also worked on his dance moves. Ricky has become known among 49ers as an avid practitioner of the peanut butter jelly time dance. He recently re-introduced it at 2011 training camp. Head after the jump to view his performance in 2011, followed by performances the previous two seasons.

On the last day of training camp open to the public, RJF performs his peanut butter jelly time dance:


In 2010, he performed a version of the dance for the fans in London prior to the 49ers-Broncos NFL International Series contest:


He introduced the dance his rookie year (2009) during an edition of The Joe Show: