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You Can Vote To Get Patrick Willis, Jacoby Ford A 100 Rating In Madden NFL 12

Well, you can vote for Patrick Willis to have a 100 rating in the "hit power" stat. EA Sports and ESPN are going to continue their user-interaction spree of late with a fan vote on five ratings with five players in each rating, to give said player a 100 rating in that particular stat. Willis is one of five players eligible for the hit power stat, and he's certainly deserving. The other players in that stat up for vote are also deserving, in my opinion: Ray Lewis, James Harrison, Clay Matthews and Rey Maualuga.

The hit power stat is actually a pretty useful one, it affects guys getting hurt and whether or not they fumble the ball. It affects whether or not that running back can truck through you and it makes a whole lot of difference if you've got an open shot on a guy. I'm thinking that Willis certainly deserves the 100 rating in hit power (usually, you can only have 99 in any particular stat).

After the jump, a video on that, and click the link above if you want to see the rest of the players, which include Jacoby Ford of the Raiders in the speed category.