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49ers Rank Ninth in Salary Cap Space, Raiders Come in Nineteenth

Both the San Francisco 49ers and Oakland Raiders are gearing up for successful years in 2011, with both having some room to spend still on possible free agents or positional upgrades.'s Jason La Canfora released updated statistics on the entire NFL's salary cap space team-by-team, with the Niners and Raiders still holding significant chunks of cash in reserve. Make the jump to learn more.

San Francisco is ninth on the list with an adjusted cap of $120,375,000 and total salary of $104,604,488, leaving them $15,770,512 under the salary cap for the 2011-12 season. The Raiders on the other hand have the same adjusted cap of $120,375,000, but a total salary of $115,063,751, leaving only $5,311,249 of salary cap space to work with. Both teams are currently trying to get new stadiums built as well, meaning that every penny counts, and could easily finish the season with a large amount of income created and the salary cap as basically found money.

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