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2011 NFL Free Agents: Dashon Goldson Seems To Be Choosing Between 49ers & Cowboys

Dashon Goldson wants you to know that he is not intimidated by these moves the San Francisco 49ers are making, which sounds about right. Being intimidated would probably involve ten headed dragons and scorpions crawling in your sleeping bags. But Goldson just wants to let you know he isn't afraid of competition, and that he might very well be sticking around even if the 49ers seem to be moving in another direction.

The Madieu Williams signing has displaced Goldson from his starting spot in the secondary, but Goldson tweeted that "I'm not sure wht tht move by the 9ers was for, I guess to scare me...well it didn't work. Try again". I agree with Goldson. This was not an appropriate way to scare Goldson. Jim Harbaugh would have been better off breaking into Goldson's bedroom late at night and showing off his chainsaw and hockey mask.

Goldson seems to indicate in a later tweet that he was interested in either the 49ers or the Dallas Cowboys, but I'm pretty sure it's wide open right now.

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