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Chad Ochocinco-Patriots Trade: 49ers, Raiders Made Their Own Runs

News out of Boston has the New England Patriots working out a deal to acquire Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver Chad Ochocinco pending him re-working part of his current contract. Ochocinco had been rumored to be looking for a new team and the Patriots one of at least three teams to get permission to work out a trade. In an amusing twist, it turns out the 49ers and Raiders were the two other named teams.


Both teams are looking for some wide receiver help, so their inquiry into Ochocinco's status isn't surprising. However, coming off their on-going duel for Dashon Goldson and the 49ers own interest in Nnamdi Asomugha, it's interesting seeing the Bay Area rivals squaring off for yet another player. In previous offseasons there hasn't been much in the way of competition between the two teams. More battles like this could get the rivalry re-heated. It's been a while since there was sufficient animosity between the two organizations.