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Frank Gore Holdout: Gore Absent From First Day Of Training Camp

The San Francisco 49ers reported to training camp Thursday morning and as expected, running back Frank Gore was not present. The first day entails going through physicals, speaking with the media and meeting with position coaches. Although it might not be an essential part of camp, it is a mandatory reporting day, which means the Frank Gore holdout is now official.

For this first day, Gore receives no punishment, but starting tomorrow the team will fine him $30,000 per day until he returns to the team. Although he is scheduled to make $4.9 million between his salary and a roster bonus, an extended holdout could lead to a sizable overall fine.

At the same time, if the two sides are able to work out some kind of deal, it would likely include either some sort of forgiveness on the fines or it is somehow factored into any new contract. The question is whether Trent Baalke and Jim Harbaugh will give in or if they want to set an example from day one.