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49ers Inform Nate Clements He Will Be Released

After the miscommunications that occured on Wednesday there were conflicting reports that the San Francisco 49ers were to release cornerback Nate Clements, but on Thursday those reports were confirmed as he has been dropped from the roster. Both sides were trying to restructure Clements' contract, but in the end they came to an impasse an had to release him. 

NFL Network's Jason LaCanfora and ESPN's Adam Schefter both tweeted about his release, with LaCanfora providing a bit of an overview of what it means to the Niners to have him off the squad:

On Clements, to clarify, 49ers save $7.25M cash (base salary) and $15M in cap space. But I'd be surprised at this point if they get Nnamdiless than a minute ago via Twitter for BlackBerry® Favorite Retweet Reply


Yes the 49ers have some cash to go after Nnamdi Asomugha now, but the question remains if he wants to join a team that is still building towards the future or be plugged into a winning system already (like the Jets). San Francisco has been looking at other options at the CB position than just Asomugha, there has been reports that they are interested in Johnathan Joseph who played for the Bengals in 2010. 

Clements played all 16 games for the Niners last season, and even though many fans weren't happy with his overall performace in the Bay, he had his moments and hopefully will continue his career elsewhere in the NFL.

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