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2011 Undrafted Free Agent Signing Rumors: Jeremiah Masoli To San Francisco 49ers?

San Francisco 49ers head coach Jim Harbaugh will probably make your head turn a couple of time with his personnel decisions this offseason. He definitely is addressing the quarterback situation in strange ways in 2011. The drafting of Colin Kaepernick is a long-term development project, and now it seems like they're on the verge of adding former Oregon Ducks/Ole Miss Rebels quarterback Jeremiah Masoli, reports Matt Maiocco of CSN. Masoli is a local guy, so you get the feeling this is just a temporary signing.

If Kaepernick is a project, Masoli is an M.C. Escher drawing. Masoli was an impressive quarterback for Chip Kelly's speed offense that wrecked through the Pac-10 in 2009, and he is an adept runner, but he was never a great passing quarterback with anything other than the simplest reads in Oregon (screen passes and vertical patterns). Is Masoli being brought into training camp just to be a punching bag for defenses in training camp? Imagining him entering an NFL quarterback depth chart is too bizarre for words.

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