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NFL Lockout Update: 49ers, Raiders Tentative Training Camp Start Dates

Editor's Note: Newly updated tentative schedule indicates training camp may not be allowed to open until Friday, the same day a free agency.


The NFL Lockout is closing in on the finish line and a new deal could be announced as soon as today. As optimism has spread since the weekend, media sources have started compiling time lines for everything from the start of free agency t the beginning of training camps. The new CBA provides for training camps start 16 days before the first exhibition game for a given team. That 16 days includes 15 days of practice and one day for physical examinations.


The 49ers first exhibition game is Friday August 12 on the road against the New Orleans Saints. According to the CBA, that would put the start of their training camp as this Thursday July 28. The Oakland Raiders open their exhibition season on Thursday August 11. That means they would be eligible to start their training camp on Wednesday July 27. For both teams it creates an interesting twist since it sounds like teams won't be able to sign outside free agents and undrafted free agents until Friday, pending the 50% + 1 vote of the players on the CBA.